TheValley Women's Movement

A Herstorical Chronology 1968-1988

1968-1978 Compiled and Edited by Kaymarion Raymond and Elizabeth Letalien
1978-1984 Compiled and Edited by Amy Silverstein
1984-1988 Compiled and Edited by Lisa Renzi
©Valley Women's History Collaborative 1998


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 1984 January. GLISS (Gay/Lesbian Informational Support Services of Springfield) opens with Lesbian/Gay Switchboard.  
  February. Cindy Foster of Mothers Uniting for the Sake of Children calls for state action against dead-beat dads.  
  February. GALA begins weekly meetings to discuss march and rally in May  
  February. New Alexandria Lesbian Library operating in Florence. Florence 
  February 2. European Women's Disarmament Delegation speaks at Hampshire College. Amherst 
  February 8. Betty Friedan speaks at UMass. Amherst 
  March. Permit for 3rd Annual Lesbian and Gay Pride March in Northampton denied for a Saturday March (May 12) by city hall.  Northampton
  March. La Mix Dances start at Poor Richard's in Amherst.  Amherst
  March. 7th International Women's Week, UM. Amherst 
  March. Jewish Women Writers Panel, UM.   Amherst 
  March. An unidentified attacker rapes a Northampton lesbian Northampton 
  March. Permit denied for GALA march in Northampton.   Northampton 
  March. Sister Mildred Marenge comes to male dominated Newman Center as first nun. Amherst 
  March. Smith students protest the closing of Hover House, a lesbian dorm.   Northampton 
  March. Women organize to free Frances Crowe.  
  March 2. Starhawk preaches spirituality at Smith.  Northampton 
  March 6. -"Revolt of the Symbols: Philosophy in a Feminist Key", a lecture by Emily Erwin Culpepper, a benefit for TRIVIA, cosponsored by SCWRC  
  March 6-30. Lesbians stage sit-in and protest march at Smith College after Smith announces the closing of Hover House, a lesbian dorm. Sit-in was in President Conway's office, march outside.   Northampton
  March 7-10. International Women's event at UMass Amherst 
  March 10. "The Power of Black Love,Part I" workshop for Black men and women, EWC   
  March 21. Kaymarion begins Spring Studio in Attic at NALL and Herstory Exhibit.  
  March 27-April 1. Lesbian and Gay Awareness Week at UM; Barbara Gittings speaks as keynote,JEB (Joan E. Biren) shows lesbian slide show; many local lesbians doworkshops.   Amherst
  March 28. JANE, a 5 college reproductive rights network, organizes and holds first successful campaign to get students to go to Boston and "Raise your voices for choice."  
  March 30. Ferron and Kate Clinton perform, sponsored by Crescendo Productions and SCWRC.  
  Spring. Campus Campaign on Pornography recieved national media coverage, organized by Women's Issues Team of SCERA.  
  April. 4th Incest Survivors Therapy Group for Lesbians only.    
  April. Kaymarion holds series of "storytelling" meetings for Lesbians at NALL as she gathers more pieces of Lesbian Herstory in the Valley and updates her Herstory slideshow.  
  April1. After incidents of violence and robbery in the store at 56 Main, 13th Moon moves to private residence.  
  April 11. -"Budgeting: Basic Concepts for 3rd World Administrators", a workshop sponsored by Third World Women's Task Force  
  April 28. -"Breaking the Connection between Violence and Sex: The Case Against Pornography." a conference at UM.  Amherst
  April 28. Anti-Pornography Conference held at UMass. Amherst 
  April. -"The Power of Black Love, Part II", workshop for black men and women, EWC  
  May. GALA wins appeal for march permit. Date set for May 12  
  May. Shirley Chrisholm, black congresswoman, speaks at Hampshire. Amherst 
  May. UMass student Yvette Henry sues police and university officials for $13 million, claiming police illegally searched her room and placed her under unlawful arrest because of her race. Amherst 
  May. Smith College administration closes Hover House, Lesbian dormitory.    Northampton
  May. Necessities/Necesidades increases staff from 3 to 4 full-time paid postions.    
  May. Lesbians finish building wheelchair ramp at NALL House, made possible from community fundraising.    
  May 2. Reproductive Rights Awareness Day sponsored by CERRF at UM  Amherst 
  May 3. -"Jewish Women: Three Perspectives", a panel sponsored by Jewish Feminist Group at UM  Amherst 
  May 3. Susan Schecter speaks at UMass about battered women. Amherst 
  May 4. Dance held for Contra Los Contra to benefit Women's Peace Agenda.    
  May 5. Mother's Day Peace Walk in Northampton.    Northampton
  May 5. "Doubting Our Competence: Women's Image of Work and Self", a workshop sponsored by EWC and Working Women's Program.   
  May 5-6. Heramedia, Lesbian Video Project from NYC, does follow-up filming & interviewing on harassment. Videotape to be distributed nationally to Lesbian groups & for cable TV. Bet Birdfish, Kiriyo Spooner, and Kim Christiansen are filmed at NALL in Northampton Library House. They show tape segments of other Lesbian victims of violence, to be included in the project: Deb Edel & Joan Nestle of Lesbian Herstory Archives (NYC), Barbara Smith and Cherrie Moraga (INC), and "Foxy Lady" on police violence in the bars (NYC).  
  May 12. Gay and Lesbian Liberation March, "We who believe in Freedom cannot rest un-til it comes", Northampton.   Northampton
  May 12. GALA Dance at Amherst College, a benefit for The Center for Popular Economics.  Amherst 
  May 13. Kaymarion shows updated slideshow, "Living in the Valley Lesbian Community: 1968-84" at- NALL.   
  May 31. International Archiving Conference at Smith College includes sessions on Third World Archives and also "Documenting Lesbian Herstory" session by NYC's Lesbian Herstory Archives.   
  June. EWC announces WAGES program to support female gradate students    
  June 1-3. 5th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women,at Smith College, includes more than 15 Lesbian panels and a 24-hour Lesbian caucus room on campus.NALL shows new slideshow, "The New Alexandria Lesbian Library: The First Ten Years." Kaymarion shows updated slideshow, "Living in the Valley Lesbian community: 1968-84. Lesbian poets read, Debbie Fier performs her music, etc.   
  June 23. Women in Trade Conference at UMass.   Amherst
  September. Necessities moves to 16 Center St. in Northampton.  
  September. Theater Too calls for area women interested in theater.  
  September 26. Marjorie Lansing speaks at UMass about gender gap.   Amherst 
  October. Geraldine Ferraro speaks to 20,000 at UMass.   Amherst 
  October. Maggie Kuhn of the Grey Panthers speaks about her struggle  
  October 3. 5th Women in Business Conference at Holyoke Community College. Holyoke 
  October 4. Sonia Johnson speaks at UMass. Amherst 
  October 18-19. Valley women (Ellen Shub, Chris Mangan, Sheri Simonton) attend "Not in Our Name" rally and march in NYC.    
  December 9. Lesbians Considering Children forum at Smith Northampton 
 1985 January. 50 demonstrators protest Reagan's inauguration (including Valley women Laura Wenk, Jamie Tessler, Peggy Shannon, Jennifer McConnell, Kathy Swayze).  
  February. Janet Feldman and Lore Wintergreen reestablish Community Emergency Fund, a fund for local residents in need  
  February. UMass Women's Studies program celebrates its 10th anniversary. Amherst 
  February. Valley Women’s Voice publishes a lesbian battering survey.  
  March 5-8. International Women's Week planning committee holds march in Amherst  Amherst 
  March 30. Pioneer Valley War Tax Resistance organizes workshop in Amherst. Amherst 
  April. Franklin County Women's Issues Network opens; addresses alcohol and drug use, day care, and legislative issues.  
  April. Vivienne Mann and Jenny Hein announce the dissolution of "Crescendo Productions," a women-friendly, Valley-based production company.  
  April 19. -"Take Back the Night" rally and march from UMass to Amherst
  April 25. Third World Women's Program at EWC holds panel about sterilization abuse in the Third World.  
  May. Judith Loischild and Chris Casey write in support of a senate bill that would define midwifery and legalize homebirths in Massachusetts.    
  May. Lesbian/Gay Awareness Week at UMass, with a march on May 4 Amherst 
  May 7. 150 people blockade the Federal Building in Springfield to protest Reagan's Trade Embargo on Nicaragua. Valley participants included photographer Jane Cleland.    
  May 21. Womonfyre Books in Northampton receives bomb threat and is evacuated Northampton 
  July. International Women's Conference in Nairobi; Valley woman Kandi Thompson participates.  
  July 6. Unnamed Valley women participate in a Day of Focus in Seneca Falls.  
  October 19. Necessities organizes a 5-mile moveathon to aid battered women.  
  October 19-20. Gay/Lesbian Conference at Hampshire College  Amherst
  November. Audre Lorde reads poetry at Amherst College. Amherst 
  November 1-3. 1st Nursing Conference on Violence Against Women held at UMass Amherst 
  December. Lesbian Network of Central Massachusetts looking for new members    
 1986 January.  Workers at Lord Jeffrey Amherst Inn strike for higher wages and better job security  Amherst
  February. Meanette Vermes urges women to protest the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which voted to deny women abortion costs and counseling.  
  February. UMass addresses LGB concerns on campus by establishing a program with staff and funding. Establishes a Lesbian and Gay Awareness Week in April.  Amherst
  February.  15 - 100 people from the Valley attend a March Against Racism in Philadelphia.  
  March 1. Valley women, including Phyllis Rodin, Michelle Goodwin, Elisabeth Kozenlewsky, and Bee Ring, participate in a march from LA to DC for nuclear disarmament.  
  March 3. International Women's Day celebrated at UMass.  Amherst 
  March. Valley Women’s Voice protests the naming of a male "Women's Issues" editor at UMass' Collegian.  
  March  HAVEN offers two-day training for LGB community members who want to stop hate crimes.  
  March 9. 150 valley people attend NOW pro-choice march in DC.    
  April  5-13. Lesbian and Gay Awareness Week at UMass. Amherst 
  April.  Mt. Holyoke hosts a women's peace encampment. South Hadley  
  April.  Rally held at the Student Union. Student Paul Cameron speaks against gays and a fistfight ensues. Amherst 
  May. Educators/Advocates from the EWC organize successful petition against the Card Gallery in Hadley, which agrees to stop selling offensive cards    Hadley
  May 3. Valley women attend a Lesbian and Children's Conference at Simmons College.    
  October. UMass SGA votes to deny childcare to 11,000. Valley Women’s Voice urges action.   Amherst 
 1987 February. Student Joyce Barry reopens Lesbian Union at UMass. Amherst 
  February 17. Women's Leadership Project at UMass meets to discuss reorganization. Amherst 
  February 19. June Jordan speaks at UMass about racism in the 80s. Amherst 
  February  21. Women Elders' Empowerment Network petitions Northampton to address violence and discrimination against elders in the community.  
  March.  Angela Davis speaks at UMass about racism.  Amherst
  March. Audre Lorde speaks at UMass.    Amherst
  March. Seven Sisters Conference at Smith. Keynote speaker: Johnella Butler from Smith. Northampton 
  April 11. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Speakers' Bureau reactivates at UMass. Amherst 
  May 2. Pioneer Valley Lesbian and Gay Liberation march held in Northampton.   Northampton 
  June 5. Come-out staged at the Hampshire Mall. (Sponsor: Minor Disturbances, local women’s affinity group.)   
  October 10. 18 people from UMass march on Washington for LGB rights.   Amherst 
 1988 February.  Approximately 65 Valley women sign a petition supporting Jesse Jackson for president in 1988.  
  February. UMass women students reorganize Valley Women’s Voice. Amherst 
  February 12. 150 protesters take over New Africa House to address issues of racism. Female residents counter-protest against the movement's sexism.  Amherst
  February 14. Sonia Sanchez, poet and political activist, speaks at UMass. Amherst 
  March 1.  Karen Thompson speaks at UMass about sexism and lesbianism.  
  April.  National Organization of Lesbian and Gay Scientists organize chapter in the Valley  
  April 19-24. LGB Awareness Week at UMass Amherst 
  April 21. "Take Back the Night" rally.  
  April 29. 200 women attend 2nd National Conference on Women and the Military. Valley woman Kaymarion Raymond attends and reports in Valley Women’s Voice.  
  May. Anti-male, anti-religion graffiti found in several area churches. Many feminists write to Valley Women’s Voice to express their disapproval.    
  May  7. Sexual Assault Awareness Week. "Take Back the Night" march held in Greenfield  Greenfield
  May  14. Lesbian and Gay Liberation March in Northampton, attendance: 1,500-2,000. Northampton 
  June 14-19. Area booksellers Rose Maloof and Madeline Zadik attend 3rd International Feminist Book Fair in Montreal.  
  July. The National Endowment for the Humanities grants $110,000 to research done in the valley on the papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.    
  September. Valley Women’s Voice celebrates its 10th anniversary.    
  September 26. Unknown attacker rapes Smith student.   Northampton 
  October. Hadley woman Anita King protests the lack of free abortions and pregnancy tests in Western Massachusetts.    
  October . UMass student Jennie Arthur urges readers to vote yes on a humane farming referendum question.  Amherst
  October 8. 5,000 Valley residents attend “Take Back the Night" rally in response to a rape at Smith College.  Northampton
  October 8. Angela Bowen speaks at Unity and Diversity Conference at Hampshire College.  Amherst
  October 12. UMass hosts a debate: "Women's Issues in the November Elections."  Amherst
  October 17. Valley women, including Camie Nobel, participate in "Steps to Freedom" demonstration, protesting U.S. role in Central America, specifically El Salvador.